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3 Things to Consider at the Early Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease


When it comes to Alzheimer’ disease, you can never take the subject lightly. Alzheimer’s disease is a common health impairment among senior adults in America. Knowing substantial information about this disease is essential because it makes us aware and makes us understand the nature and effects of this disease.

Considering the gravity of such disease in the lives of the seniors in the country, our caregivers at Precious Touch Home Healthcare, a growing Home Care Service in Waterbury, CT, deem it important to tackle this issue in the blog.

Here are some of the important things to consider, especially when your loved ones have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at an early age:

Finding the right care provider
As family members, we do not just rely on our own caregiving skills; although we can go to a more personal level in providing care to our loved ones because we know them better. But we should not just be dependent on what we know.

Having a trained caregiver who can look after our loved ones is necessary. They know how to handle the patients when it comes to their personal hygiene and daily responsibilities. Moreover, they can also provide companionship on days when family members are not available to be with the senior adults.

Dealing with the patient living with Alzheimer’s disease
Senior adults with health problems tend to be very sensitive to almost everything. Once we give them special treatment, they might feel like they are helpless and they need someone who can assist them. Some seniors may not appreciate this and so we have to adjust to their wants.

Senior patients also undergo a rollercoaster of emotions, so we have to be very patient with them. As much as possible, we do not treat them as someone who is totally dependent to us. We have to maximize their independence by:

  • reminding them of their medication
  • assisting their meals
  • planning daily activities
  • managing their money

Understanding emotions of Alzheimer’s patient
The initial reaction of patients once they know that they are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease would be denial. They would try to isolate themselves and worry about what will happen to them in the future. Sometimes, they will get angry for no apparent reason or they become anxious without any reason as well.

These are just usual reactions that any patient would feel because it is not easy to be diagnosed with such disease. For our part, as family members, all we can do is to be supportive and understanding to the medication and mood swings of our senior patients.

There may be no cure yet for Alzheimer’s disease, but there are surely ways that we can control them. The earlier we know about this disease, the more ways we can find to prevent it from worsening. We can even find the right medication from the experts as soon as we know about it.

For more information about Alzheimer’s disease and its proper treatment, contact us at Precious Touch Home Healthcare. You can visit our website at or call us at 800-723-1794.

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