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Family Caregivers: Why You Need Respite Care Services

Family Caregivers: Why You Need Respite Care Services

There are a lot of family members who shoulder the responsibility of caring for their elderly or disabled loved ones. In most cases, these family members do not receive any salary or monetary compensation from taking care of the patients. They tend to dedicate most of their time to their caregiving duties that they often do not take breaks nor vacations.

Most family caregivers often hear that they need to engage respite care services from providers of home care service in Waterbury, CT. Such recommendation is actually beneficial for a number of reasons. Before digging into each of these reasons, you have to know basic details about respite care first.

What respite care is

With respite care, the family caregiver will have the chance to take a time off his caregiving duties temporarily. Instead of you personally assisting your loved one, another trained and skilled individual will assist him for the time being.

The inclusion of respite care varies among different providers. Generally, they include assistance with personal hygiene and companionship, among others. The period of time that the patient will be under respite care varies, too.

Reasons for engaging respite care

Here are the top reasons why you, as a family caregiver, can benefit from engaging respite care services.

  • You need to live your own life.

    As a person, you also have your own likes and dislikes. You have other things that can make you happy. You also have other commitments and responsibilities to yourself or to your own family and not just to your patient. There are personal errands that you need to run, as well.

    If you have a job, your situation is twice as difficult. With respite care, you will be able to fulfill your other responsibilities and commitments. You will be able to have fun without worrying about whether or not the elderly patient is getting the right assistance he needs. You can enjoy and free yourself from worries related to your caregiving duties.

  • You need to take care of your own health.

    Your good health condition is an important part of your caregiving duties. After all, how can you take care and assist your elderly patient if you are not healthy? If you are frail and weak, how can you physically support your patient?

    Through respite care, you will be able to regain your energy and strength, which you will definitely need in order to continue caring for your patient. You can also take a time off to look after your own health.

  • You need to stay sane.

    Caring for an elderly or a disabled person can be mentally and emotionally taxing. You will be under a lot of stress. You will feel burdened and eventually experience a burnout. Ultimately, your mind and emotions will reject your situation.

    Taking a breather from these challenges will help you relax your mind and your spirit. Even though respite care is only temporary, taking advantage of it will help you relieve stress and be ready again to pick up on your duties.

Choosing a respite care service

No one surely wants to leave their elderly patient’s care into the hands of the wrong people while taking a break. For this matter, you must always be vigilant when looking for a respite care provider. Hence, here are some of the qualities that should matter when choosing such provider.

  • Good reputation
  • Trained, experienced, and friendly staff
  • Accepts insurance
  • Always available

Precious Touch Home Healthcare offers respite care to those who want to take a break from their respective caregiving duties. Please call us at 800-723-1794 to discuss your situation.


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