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Hassle-free and Clean House Solutions

Hassle-free and Clean House Solutions

Nobody wants to live in a messy house filled with bacteria, disease causing viruses and germs. We would always want our houses clean and safe and if possible, spotless. But when you’re old, moving around gets difficult and you’ll find areas that are to clean in your elderly age. It’s a sad but true story. Luckily, Precious Touch Home Healthcare

offers house cleaning services that you need.

With all the unclean spaces and disorder, home just isn’t home. You might get sick due to the dirtiness of your house and it might even cause you stress and discomfort just by looking at it. Precious Touch Home Healthcare understands how much you value cleanliness and order. In order to appease your demands on a clean and orderly home, being a provider of home care service in Waterbury, CT, house cleaning services are readily offered for you.

You see, a clean house is a house you can continue to love your life on. The benefits of a clean house involve but are not limited to the following:

  • Decrease possibility of contracting allergies, viruses, diseases and infections
  • Kill insects that might bite and cause health problems
  • Can help you avoid accidents like tripping or falling down the surface area
  • Can help reduce stress and can help promote peace and order in your home and in your life
  • Embarrassments or having an unclean home can also be avoided especially when unexpected guests come unannounced to visit

We don’t want you to just simply live in your house but we aim to help you have a life in your home. Precious Touch Home Healthcare brings cleanliness to your home. These house cleaning services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Standard Cleaning – Includes all rooms in the house. This involves dusting everything that needs to be dusted, vacuuming of carpets and furniture and cleaning of ashtrays and garbage bins.
  • Standard Kitchen Cleaning – Includes cleaning and sanitizing all appliances and kitchen wears may it be electrical or not.
  • Standard Bathroom Cleaning – Includes cleaning and sanitizing all bathroom spaces including bath, shower, sinks, vanity, toilet, tile walls and floors.
  • Special House Cleaning Services – We clean your space may it be an entire apartment or space. We also include cleaning your ovens, refrigerators, windows cabinets and all other things that you need cleaned but don’t have the time and energy for it.

Precious Touch Home Healthcare allows you to live in such an environment without the hassle of doing it yourself. Precious Touch Home Healthcare has trained professionals ready to provide you with a clean home. To avail the said services, call 800-723-1794.

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