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How to Keep your Seniors Safe in their Own Abode

How to Keep your Seniors Safe in their Own Abode

Older adults, especially those aging 65 and above, want to have their own private place to stay and retire. As their loved ones, we do not want to go against their will but there are problems when we leave these older adults to fend for their own self.

Our parents or grandparents have been ensuring our own safety since time immemorial. That is why in times when they need our help, we should be the first ones to respond with speed. To give back what they have been doing to us in the past, it is our responsibility to prioritize their safety in their own abode.

How do we do this? Do the following tips and tricks to get rid of your worries when leaving the oldest member of the family alone in their own home:

  • Assess the place

    No matter where your elderly stays, may it be on a new house recently bought with a mortgage or the old dwelling you have been staying in your childhood, you need to first assess the place.

    Check if the water lines or the pipe is functional. Do not overturn the importance of having a proper wiring system. Go over with the whole structure of the house. Is there a need to repair a certain part? Are the lights, faucets, and toilet still functioning?

  • Take matters into your own hand

    After your thorough assessment of the place of your elderly, you need to address those problems that needed to be solved. Do not rely on your skills and knowledge; contact the experts to do the job.

    As they say, prevention is better than cure. It is better to invest in small repairs than spending your whole savings, including your senior’s, for the hospital bills of your beloved elderly adults.

  • Consult an expert

    An expert’s eye is a hundred percent different than an ordinary man’s eyes. These individuals can detect future accidents with just one look. They are capable of giving you advices that can help keep your senior safe. So do you not want to ask help from these individuals?

  • Invest in equipment and aids

    There are various equipment, gadgets, and living aids you can purchase in your local department store. Some of these are even sold in pharmacies or hardware stores. Put these things in places seniors may be prone to accidents. You can also invest on gadgets that will alert authorities to respond to your senior’s needs.

    The bathroom is not the safest place in one’s home. It is slippery as much as it is wet. But everyone needs to go to the bathroom, right? That is why you need to senior proof the house beginning with the bathroom.

    You can buy handrails for your senior to grab hold onto in case they need to shift from one place to another. You can also buy bathroom mats to decrease the senior’s chances of falling from the damp floor.

    Kitchens are also not an ideal place for a senior to be. The fact that their memory may have been failing them or will eventually fail them will continue to bother you in ways more than one.

    In case of fire, buying smoke detectors can really be of help. Partner it with a sprinkler and you will have a combo that beats any kind of fire. Aside from that, it can also help alert authorities so that they can respond fast and also to prevent further unfortunate events from occurring.

    You can look for more things you can install on the senior’s house. All you need is some research, a little shopping, and recommendations from friends and other family members.

  • Look into home care services

    The older adult population is growing. Because of such, there has been a high demand for senior home care the past few years. Home care services allow you to stay at ease knowing that your parent or grandparent is in good hands.

Precious Touch Home Healthcare is one such provider of home care service in Waterbury, CT. We make sure that seniors will be taken care of without sacrificing their comfort and safety.

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