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Senior Living: Improving Mobility And Physical Wellness


As seniors continue down the road of aging, they may start losing some mobility function. Some may be undergoing a chronic illness, or going through respite, and would prefer not performing any physical activity at all. That is completely normal, especially when your seniors may be complaining about feeling pain. But, you know what they say about losing it when you don’t use it? That is true, and they would need quite a lot of intervention to get back on feet. So, while you are at home, take advantage of going out for walks with your senior loved ones. You can even help them start by getting them a cane or a walker of some sort. It will not be easy, and you would need to be by their side most of the time, but that’s okay, for they will get used to it in due time. For the meantime, here are some other things they can do to improve mobility, and physical wellness all at once:

  • Get them to eat healthy meals
  • Making minor adjustments at home (this will help them ease into their environment again)
  • Get them to play with kids
  • Get them to go out for walks
  • Help them do basic stretching exercises
  • Keep them hydrated
  • Make sure they get a lot of good night’s rest
  • Remind them to take their vitamins
  • Regulate their medication: Adjusting their dosages from time to time may good clinical results with the advice of a Doctor.

These are just some of the things you can do on your own. As you may have noticed, eating well and staying hydrated should always be a part of their routine, as taking care of inner health is just as important as taking care of their physical health. This, in turn, will get them to recover faster, and help them to regain their physical health.

This may take up quite a lot of time but, a little patience, love, and undying support will help your elderly loved one, immensely. Companionship is most appreciated at their age and stage. But, you know it will not be that easy, as you have to go to take care of your respective careers, and would have to attend certain meetings instead of going out with your senior. That’s okay, that’s completely normal, and you should not feel guilty about it. Trying to survive in this day and age, may be quite hard, too, and more often than not, will you forget about taking care of yourself, more so other people.

Fortunately for you, Precious Touch Home Health Care, a home care service in Waterbury, CA, is here to answer your senior loved one’s personal care needs. Our long list of services includes Mobility Assistance, Incontinence Care, and more. We aim to make sure that your loved one is having a comfortable, and restful retirement while keeping their health, and wellness intact. You now don’t have to worry about leaving them alone with only a cane for support, our well-trained staff can be with them 24/7.

Visit or call 800-723-1794 for more information, and further inquiries.

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