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Simple Things That Make Your Mother Happy


Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Since they’ve worked so hard for us when we were kids, now it’s time for us to repay them. Here are a few tips on what to give them this Mother’s Day:

Write them handwritten letters
Handwritten letters may be old school, but they never go out of style. Instead of sending them an instant message on their phone or sending them a message via Messenger, write what you want to say to them on paper. It’s more personal. Your mothers will see the effort you’ve made when writing this.

Garden with them
Most mothers would love to plant and take care of the garden. If you have no moolah to add to her collection, you can just help your mom when cleaning or arranging the garden. You may even help her in picking out the unwanted weeds. Your mother will admire you for it.

Cook or bake them their fave dish
If your mother had cooked your favorite dish when you were young, now it’s time for you to cook them their favorite dish or bake their favorite pastry. If you have no idea how to cook or bake for them, you can just look on the Internet for ingredients and procedure.

Give them flowers
Flowers attract women, that’s why usually on Valentine’s Day, boys give flowers to girls. But since it’s Mother’s Day that is approaching, why don’t you give your mother flowers too? It’s a symbol of love and thanksgiving.

Pamper them
Every girl deserves to be pampered – even your mother. Spend some quality time with them by taking them to the salon or spa to pamper them. Let them feel relaxed and comfortable, it’s what they deserve.

Mother’s Day is a significant day for all the mothers out there. It’s their day so we should thank them and give them what they want. Mark your calendars now on May 14 and make Mother’s Day a memorable one for you, for your mother, and for your family.

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