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The Right Way to Deal with Alzheimer’s Disease in a Loved One

The Right Way to Deal with Alzheimer’s Disease in a Loved One

One of the medical conditions that many elderly people suffer from is the Alzheimer’s disease. Those who know its symptoms and those who have loved ones suffering from this condition understand how difficult it can be to deal with. If you want to know how you can effectively take care of a person who has Alzheimer’s disease, the first thing that you have to do is to know all about it.

Alzheimer’s disease is degenerative disease that affects mostly the memory and other cognitive functions of the individual. Because it progresses over time, it can affect daily activities and routine. The most common onset for the disease is around 60 years old. However, symptoms may occur in younger people. Just recently, it has been found out that this particular disease is on the top three of the leading causes of death in the US. It follows cancer which tails behind heart disease.

Among the things that most people don’t know is the fact that Alzheimer’s is actually a type of dementia. Many of us think that these two are basically different medical conditions. Dementia is the term given for a group of conditions that affect the basic ways of functioning of the brain which are remembering, thinking, and reasoning. Disturbances in these aspects lead to changes in behavior that could potentially disrupt overall functionality. Aside from Alzheimer’s, there are other kinds of dementia such as vascular dementia and Lewy body dementia. But from here on, let’s focus on Alzheimer’s.

When Dr. Alois Alzheimer noticed a strange thing happening to the brain tissue of a woman who died due to a mental disease, he thought of relating it to the symptoms the woman showed before her death. It included memory loss and drastic behavioral changes. He studied the brain thoroughly and found out that it had clumps that should not be there. He also noticed some fibers tangled with each other. These two discoveries are now named amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles, respectively. These two are the two main things that you should see in a person suffering from the disease. Because of this remarkable discovery, the condition was named after him.

Although the symptoms are very different in every individual, the most common one is memory loss. However, there are some who don’t exhibit a decline on their memory capabilities but are showing some changes in other cognitive aspects like vision, judgment, language, et cetera.

The main cause of Alzheimer’s is still not totally known to the medical community. However, it has been found that genes may be a factor. However, it is not a 100 per cent chance that an individual may inherit it. The extensive study that experts have done also tells us that there are other factors, aside from genes, that may be contributing to the development of the disease. These factors are the environment, health, and lifestyle.

People suffering from Alzheimer’s disease need people who can guide and assist them. That is practically what we do in Precious Touch Home Healthcare. We provide just the right amount of care for people who are carrying the burden that is brought upon by Alzheimer’s. Our main goal is to provide a quality of life that the elderly can enjoy. We also want to see to it that everyone would be able to enjoy our services. That is why we have made sure that they are as affordable as they can get.

Giving the best home care service in Waterbury, CT, our agency is quite popular in the area. Perhaps this is because we always try to make our clients feel that we genuinely care for them and we will do everything we can so their condition will not be as bad as before.

It is very easy to get to us. All you need to do is call 800-723-1794 or you can visit our office at 4 Oldman Avenue, #3L Waterbury, CT. There is also a form we have left for you in our website so that you would be able to ask us any questions.

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