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What You Need to Know about The Common Age-Related Diseases


Lifestyle change is essential in aging. If you have been health conscious all your life, you may be spared from obesity, diabetes, and the like. But if you have been a chronic smoker or you are obese, then you might be feeling the consequences of these unhealthy habits as you age.

We have been talking about aging and diseases in our past articles from the blog, but we have not really tackled the vital information that we need to know about it, especially the common diseases related to aging. Today, on the blog, we will discuss four of the familiar age-related diseases common to most Americans. We find it necessary to impart such knowledge to everyone, especially those who trust our Home Care Service in Waterbury, CT, the Precious Touch Home Healthcare.

  • Heart disease
  • Most Americans are diagnosed with heart disease with an average age of 60 years old. Heart disease is caused by various factors but it primarily involves our lifestyle. Being obese, a chronic smoker and alcoholic can highly affect our cholesterol level and blood pressure.

    Once our cholesterol and blood pressure rises, we can be at risk of stroke or develop heart disease. Making small and gradual changes in our lifestyle like exercising and eating healthy foods can make all the difference.

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Another common degenerative disease common among senior adults from ages 65 and above is the Alzheimer’s disease. It is often related to gradual memory loss because of the damaged neurons in the brain.

    There is no actual treatment for Alzheimer’s yet, but different methods have been employed to impede the worsening of such disease. Our Home Care Services in Waterbury CT, Precious Touch Home Healthcare, can discuss better about this.

  • Depression
  • Senior adults are prone to depression because they are isolated from families and friend. Senior adults, especially those who have health ailments, majority spend their time at home or in health care facilities. Because of this, they feel unwanted by families and friends even if that is not really the case. Mood swings, anxieties, and other feelings of sadness for no apparent reason can lead to depression.

    There are a number of ways to fight depression among seniors, it only needs a right caregiver to carry out fun tasks for the senior adults to enjoy and avoid thinking of negative thoughts.

What do you know about these common age-related diseases? We would like to discuss these things with you so you will be aware of the different signs and treatment for these ailments. Be informed and be prepared with these things by knowing its signs, symptoms, and its cure.

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