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Your Ultimate Guide to Osteoporosis

Your Ultimate Guide to Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is the medical condition where the bone becomes too weak that it might break when even a little force is applied. Take for example when you cough. Those who suffer from a bad case of osteoporosis might incur a fracture.

To understand osteoporosis, let us start with the most basic piece of information: bone tissue is the type that is regularly replaced. The breaking down and the replacement process occurs to ensure that we have strong bones to support our body structure. Now as the body ages, there comes a time when the replacement process can no longer keep up with the breaking down process. This is when osteoporosis happens.

Osteoporosis does not target a particular population. This means that it can attack anyone, anytime. However, studies have found out that there is a greater risk in women that in men. The best way to avoid having the disease is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This means you have to eat the right food and do the right amount of exercise.

One of the worst things about this medical condition is the fact that there are no symptoms shown at the early stage. It is only when the bones start to break that you get to feel some pain and observe some changes in posture or susceptibility to fractures.

There are different risk factors that can contribute to the chance of getting the disease. There are the factors that one can’t change such as genetics and sex. As we have mentioned earlier, the risk for osteoporosis is greater in women than in their male counterparts. Genetics can also play a role. For instance, if one or both of your parents suffer from the condition, there is a higher risk for you. The size of your body frame could also be a factor. Put into consideration that the chance of having osteoporosis is dependent on how much bone mass you’ve gained over time. This means that people who have smaller frames have less bone mass, making them more at risk.

Other factors include one’s dietary practices. Those who take less calcium could develop osteoporosis later on. Those who have eating disorder may also end up having the condition because their bones were not able to get the amount of nutrition they need.

If you don’t want to develop the disease, you may want to look into your lifestyle to see if one of your practices could be a contributing factor. It would be best if you lessen your alcohol intake. Smoking can also yield bad effects.

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